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Compact Freezerless Refrigerators

When choosing a freezerless refrigerator or any refrigerator for that matter you will find space a major consideration.  Freezerless compact refrigerators fit the bill for many uses both for the home and for office and commercial settings. 


Smaller refrigerators can be used in dorm rooms or offices and even small apartments like studios.  It really depends on what you need the refrigerator for.  A person living in a studio will definitely not have the room to put in a normal size fridge so if they don't have a real need for a freezer compact freezerless refrigerators will definitely be a good choice.  Sizes can be as small as 1 cubic foot  and as high as big a 6 cubic feet otherwise you really are in the realm of medium apartment size refrigerators.

Compact freezerless refrigerators can also save you money on energy usage.  Why buy more refrigerator than you need and waste that electricity it is definitely an eco friendly choice.  On the other side if you are looking for a freezerless refrigerator for more room you already are dealing with using electricity for your primary cooling appliances.  Unless you really need that extra space even if you are putting it in your garage freezerless compact refrigerators will save you energy costs.

If you are going off to college for the first time you may be considering bringing a refrigerator with you.  Though this seems like a good idea you need to make sure that the college dorm room refrigerator policy.  Many will only allow certain sized refrigerators and a fridge without a freezer will definitely allow for more space for a typical college students needs. Though a compact freezerless refrigerator can be inexpensive and small you need to tie in with roommates if required.  As mentioned before dorm policies may allow only one fridge in the room so buying a compact freezerless refrigerator on the larger end of the scale may make more sense if you are going to have to share it.  If you buy it together the savings should make up for it.  You will be able to stock up on drinks and milk so you won't be required to pay those nasty convenience store prices.

Freezerless compact refrigerators are also popular for undercounter uses.  Think of them as the size of a dishwasher tidily hidden and out of the way.  This definitely is another space saving benefit of buying a compact freezerless refrigerator.  Counter height refrigerators are also compact so depending on your needs freezerless refrigerators would make good choices for those as well.  The layout of your space and whether you want your fridge counter height or actually under counter will determine the size of the compact freezerless refrigerators you should consider.

Freezerless Refrigerators
Compact Freezerless Refrigerators